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Yoga Home Flow


Want to just do a good yoga Flow.

You will enjoy this series. Relax folow the movements. Pause do them by your self and join back in with me. 

Yoga bring me peace and I hope it will for you as well.

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Yoga 101 Basics


This section is for my members who have never done yoga or just done it a few times. 

If you are looking were to start this is a great place.

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YHF: Flexibility 101


The main thing people ask me about is doing the splits.

So flexibility 101 is how you start to get flexible and bendy.

Here you will learn poses that will help you achieve your goal. 

Remember yoga is a Practice and you will get better over time.

Enjoy the process 

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YHF: Back Series


Want to release some tension in your lower back. 

This series is for you. 

I had a day my back was driving me crazy. 

So I recorded this series. 

When I finished I felt so much better.

I hope it helps you as well

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YHF: Strength & Arm Series


Want to learn Handstands, Head Stands and More. 

This Section is for you.

I will show you how to get st started!

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Yoga Poses


Wanna Learn 1 o 2 poses at a time so you can create your own Yoga Home Flow. This is for You

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Support Me Getting My Yoga Certification

Additional Information

 Support my Go Fund me for me to get certified as a yoga instructor. I’m really interested in teaching kids and teenagers and this is my first step.  

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